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You are moving to Malta. Atlas Movers will get you there.


Are you considering moving to Malta? Atlas Movers will get you there. Malta is a beautiful island with favourable tax rates, lovely weather, and stunning views. Whether you are relocating to Malta because of a work opportunity, to simply discover a new place or retire in the sunny Mediterranean. Moving abroad can be an exciting and challenging experience. Atlas International Movers is a professional and international relocation company, and we assist you during the complete process of your relocation to Malta. In this way, you will not face any unpleasant surprises. We will make sure that we help you as much as we can during your relocation.

What do you need to think about before moving to Malta?

Are you orientating to move elsewhere? How Exciting! We can help you arrange everything to move door to door, but there are also a few points of attention that you have to think of yourself. Our moving checklist makes sure that you start your relocation to Malta well prepared. Of course, we will discuss this list with you and help you with complicated documents or requests when necessary. Besides that, we work together with the most reliable and quick partners to make sure that your relocation to Malta goes smoothly.



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Malta best places to live

For people who are relocating to Malta they are often going to the capital Valletta. Although this is the financial capital, there are more cities worth considering living, especially since the Island is small and you can move around pretty easily.

Valletta – this is the capital of Malta, and it is the financial capital of the island as well. Here you are able to find a mix of culture, nightlife and history.

Gzira – Just a short bus ride away from Valetta you can find this picturesque town. You could sit around and watch the sun set after a long day at the office. Work opportunities within this area are usually regarding the iGaming industry.

Mosta – this city is found in the middle of Malta, and it is known for its dome, found in the city centre.

Sliema – the most sought-after destination is Sliema. Here you can find a combination of beauty and accessibility. It I the hart of entertainment, shopping, restaurants, and rocky beaches.

Siggiewi – on the westside of the island you can discover the rural life. If you are looking for tranquillity, fresh products and a relax way of life this is the place to be.

The best things about living in Malta

Malta is an island with sparkling blue waters, beautiful beaches and a lot of sun. Enough reasons to move there! What else are reasons to move to Malta?

Everyone speaks English – basically everything in Malta is in English from signs to advertising and menus at restaurants. How easy!

300 days of sunshine a year – who does not love a bit of sun? almost all year round the sun shines. But do keep in mind that the winters can be chill since there is no heating in most apartment buildings.

Public transport is great – Malta is a small Island, and everything is easily approachable by bus. Go sit and relax while looking at the beautiful scenery.

Public healthcare is free for all EU citizens – expats can enjoy free health care on presentation of a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Malta is a safe destination to live! – the country has a very low violent crime rate and is generally safe.

Malta’s Residence Permits and Visa’s

Malta is the smallest state of the European Union. It is relatively straightforward to obtain the necessary paperwork to be able to move to Malta. Since Malta is part of the EU it is easy for European citizens to move around in this area. If you are visiting Malta from outside the Schengen area you will need an entry visa (which is valid for 90 days). In order to move to Malta, you will need a visa. Citizens of EU member states can easily move to Malta as long as they have a confirmed job offer. People from outside the European Union have to do more in order to receive a visa.

If you want to relocate to Malta permanently you are in need of one of these types of residencies.

Ordinary residence, which applies to people from the Schengen areas. This type of residency is renewed every five years.

Permanent residence, which is open to everyone worldwide. This type of residency is renewed yearly.

For more information about Malta, visit Welcome Center Malta:

Relocation to Malta

In order to make your removals to Malta as smooth as possible we offer Malta relocations services. We find it is very important that your personal goods are packed in a safe way during your relocation to Malta. Our experienced movers Malta pack and transport your personal goods in a professional way so that they arrive in perfect state at your desired destination. During a preparatory talk we discuss your wishes and the details of your relocation to Malta. We gladly think along with you and attach much value to clear, transparent communication. Your personal relocation coordinator will guide you through this process and makes sure that you do not miss any important information. In this way, you can start your relocation without any worries. Do not hesitate to request a quote for more information about your relocation to Malta.

How do we proceed?

Atlas Movers will help you move to Malta! In order to discover your next step in moving to Malta you can find more information on this page . The process of moving to Malta can take up to 8 weeks. Atlas Movers will help you during this time in order to make your experience less stressful

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