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You are moving to Austria. Atlas Movers will get you there.


Are you going to move to Austria soon and are you looking for a moving company? Atlas International Movers is specialized in removals. This makes it the perfect partner to arrange your move to Austria down to the last detail. Austria is located in the middle of Europe, surrounded by other countries and mountains. The country has almost 9 million fewer inhabitants and therefore feels more spacious than the Netherlands. The country has several nice areas, such as Tyrol, Salzburgerland and Carinthia. Here you can enjoy hiking in the summer and great skiing in the winter. Due to the good infrastructure, you can visit these areas yourself by car.

Austria; A beautiful country

Austria has many great natural landscapes, which you can discover in the summer and winter. Such as the Grossglockner and the Eisriesenwelt. In Vienna you will find beautiful old buildings in Austrian architecture. Are you thinking of moving to Austria? The historic cities of Vienna and Innsbruck have great sights such as Schönbrunn Palace and Schloss Ambras. Furthermore, the short distance from Switzerland and the beautiful landscape of Austria makes it a great destination to live and work. In addition, the Austrians often speak German and good English, which makes the transition to the country easier. You can request your moving to Austria quote without obligation.

What do you have to arrange yourself?

If you’re planning on moving to Austria and you live in a country that is part of the Schengen zone, you won’t need a visa for staying in Austria for 3 months. But if you’re moving there, you will eventually have to submit for a residence permit and go to the municipality office where you’re going to live. However this is very easy. You could file for a work visa or a residence visa.

If you’re not from the Schengen zone or an EU country, you will need to file for a visa.

If you are planning to visit Austria for a short stay trip (up to 90 days), then you have to apply for a Schengen short-stay visa to Austria, known also as a C-type visa. Depending on your purpose of entry to Austria, you can get one of the following Schengen visa types for Austria:

  • Austrian Airport Visa – for those who need to transit through one of the Austrian airports, to reach their travel destination country, outside the Schengen Area.
  • Tourist Visa – for those wishing to visit Austria for holidays or sightseeing.
  • Austrian Visitor Visa – for travellers who want to visit friends or family members residing in Austria.
  • Austrian Business Visa – for business people who need to attend business-related activities in Austria.
  • Visa for Official Visit – for Official Delegations coming to Austria on an official trip.
  • Austrian Medical Visa – for people seeking medical treatment in Austria.
  • Austrian Study Visa –for students that wish to attend a course for up to three months at an educational institution in Austria.
  • Visa for Cultural, Sports, and Film Crews – for people wishing to attend an activity in Austria that belongs this nature.

For more information about visas in Austria you can go to the Austrian migration website. Or you can visit this website, it gives detailed information about visas in Austria.

You are moving to Austria, what’s next?

So you’re moving to Austria! You have a job offer with a residence visa or work visa. Now it’s important to make the relocation to Austria as smooth as possible, that’s why Atlas is the perfect partner for your relocation. In addition to moving to Austria, you will also have to start looking at everything Austria has to offer. Why else is moving to Austria right for you? As an expat, you will discover a plethora of delights living in Austria. The beautiful alpine country offers clean alpine air, efficient public transport, high-quality healthcare, and education; not to mention numerous stunning destinations in which to spend your free time. Austria is known everywhere as a land of beautiful scenery, mountains, hiking and friendly people. Gorgeous old cities with beautiful Austrian architecture.

How do we proceed?

  • The process of moving to Austria is different for every client, it depends on which country you’re moving from and if you’re already an Austrian citizen. But our system stays the same! The employees of our partners will pack your household goods in seaworthy packaging, after which they will be transported by sea, while small consignments will be sent by air. They will visit you at your home and will discuss with you what is required in order to emigrate to Austria. They will draw up a detailed inventory and will explain to you the specific rules for the customs clearance of your belongings, to ensure you are fully prepared for moving to Austria.Thanks to our many years of experience and good collaboration with our local partners, we will ensure that you will have no surprises when moving to Austria. If you’re planning to move to Austria and you want us to help you move, you can request a free quote or use one of the options below.
    • A call request
    • A video survey
    • A survey form

    If you want to prepare for your relocation to Austria, but you don’t know where to start. You can always download our checklist at the bottom of this page! It gives a timeline with tips on how to prepare yourself for your relocation. If you still have any questions or you’re not sure what to do, gives us a call. We’re happy to help!

Your own relocation coordinator

Atlas International Movers guides your move from door to door. If you have any questions during the relocation process, please contact your personal relocation coordinator. This person can answer all your questions about the move. This way you can prepare for your life in Austria without any problems.

With our years of experience, we know exactly how to get your belongings safely from door to door. Well-trained and committed movers guarantee you a worry-free move! Our relocation consultant will visit you prior to your move to Austria. Our advisor will discuss the move with you and ask about your wishes and expectations. Whether you want to move to Vienna, Graz or Salzburg or one of the other beautiful cities, with Atlas International Movers your belongings will arrive safely at their destination.

If you are moving to Austria and you want to make an appointment with us or one of our partners, please feel free to contact us or view our website! If you would like storage for your household effects before, during or after moving to Austria, this is also possible. Click here for more information about inventory storage at Atlas. If you want to know more about Atlas International Movers, read more about our moving company here!



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